There has never been a more powerful time for visionary women to create the life and business of their dreams...

Introducing the...

The 6 Month Mastermind with Soul Activation Queen + Spiritual Success Coach Jessica Caver Lindholm.

I'm inviting you to embark on a journey with me.
A journey where you no longer question what you really desire or how powerful you are. A journey where you let go of all the rules and finally set yourself free.

Freedom is what you’ve always really desired anyway, right?
The freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever on the globe you want to do it. The freedom to do your soul work, create your art, live in continual expansion and experience the immense joy of sharing it with others.

And real financial freedom where money is simply an amazing resource that abundantly flows in, and out, and back into your life from a space of overflow the more you remember you ARE abundance and it was never something you needed to get from outside of you in the first place. This is everything I want to share with you, a journey to claim and fully live free now, starting now.

A collective of soul led entrepreneurs and creatives doing positive work in the world, living freedom filled lives in divine communion and receiving big just for being YOU! A powerful space and way of life unlike anything else to connect, expand and then boldly share your truth in the world. 

I'm so grateful that you're here.
It shows that you're ready for more and you're in the right spot. 

It is my greatest joy and honor to personally mentor incredible women from around the world who all have a big vision to live like the Queen of their own life.

I built my empire from scratch with no background in business back in 2014 with little more than a dream, a vision and determination having earned only $7,000 TOTAL the previous year as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. 

I now coach some of the most successful, impactful, influential, and visionary women on the planet (and those who know that's who they're meant to be) to unleash ALL of who they are, live the life BEYOND their dreams and be PAID just for being themselves..

The work we do works no matter where you're at on your journey -- just getting started or ready to scale and grow into freedom filled world domination by leveraging a blend of inspired action, intuition and aligned strategy that feels incredible.

And with almost a decade of immersing myself in this work, coaching thousands of clients from around the world and supporting my clients in consistently manifesting unrealistic goals...

I can't wait to share all of this with you.

Feel the power, love and straight-to-your-soul truth in everything I share below and I can't wait to personally work with you in my signature To Living Free Inner Circle!

The To Living Free Inner Circle is a comprehensive, all inclusive business, lifestyle and spirituality mentorship that guides you in discovering and turning your soul work into a highly profitable, freedom filled business that pays you for being YOU!

My clients are the happiest, most easily abundant versions of themselves and now it's your turn!

After years of working with thousands of incredible clients from around the world I've brought together everything I've discovered is the most effective, expansive way to build a life and business that you absolutely LOVE.

The To Living Free Inner Circle includes all the business trainings, mindset trainings, personalized support, community, private coaching access, invites to exclusive in person retreats and more for you to be crystal clear on your soul work, deeply align with your purpose, have a big positive impact in the world, be paid for your presence and start living the life you've been dreaming of Now.

What really sets this space apart is there's nothing cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all but instead you are personally guided to discover your own unique blueprint for success that can translate to any area of your life. The life and results you're dreaming of come from living in a space of expansion and alignment and I'm here to guide you in discovering + creating that for yourself now SO THAT you are clear and confident on exactly who you are, what you stand for, your worth and your aligned actions to live free, get results and transform your life now.

There's nothing else like this all encompassing 6-month mentorship and your investment covers everything you could possibly desire or require from in-depth trainings, luxurious in person experiences, real connection, personalized support and everything in between.

Read on to discover what sets the To Living Free Inner Circle apart and to join this global sisterhood of soul led entrepreneurs and visionaries on the rise.

The 6 Month Mastermind for
Soul Led Entrepreneurs On the RISE!

 3x MONTHLY Group Video Coaching Calls with Jess to Get Personalized Guidance + Coaching Just For You!

Three times every month we'll be connecting LIVE for a power packed video call where you can get your questions answered on absolutely anything! 

I always answer all the questions so you'll know exactly what the next aligned actions are for you whether you're creating and launching your first offer, scaling, automating, up leveling your money mindset, calling in your dream body or relationship and anything in between. 

Nothing is off limits! And with thousands of hours of intuitive coaching experience I can cut right to the most aligned answer for you FAST. These calls are always high energy, high value and so much fun! I can't wait for you to join us!

Inner Circle Calls Have Already Started.
Sign Up Today to Join Us LIVE On Our Next Call!
** No live calls on retreat weeks

 20+ ENTIRE Courses and Programs Covering Every Area of Business, Mindset and More Waiting For You NOW!

Whether you’re starting from scratch, leveraging your business, growing your following, scaling, up leveling your money mindset or all of the above I’ve got you covered! These are entire powerful courses, not just single trainings, so you can be sure whichever area you’re diving into you’re going to master like the Queen you are!

20+ proven courses covering every area of divine, feminine business, expanding into your fullest potential and being paid for being YOU! Every course and program I've ever created covering in depth, step-by-step guidance where you need it most! From discovering your soul work, designing your aligned business model, growing your following, creating your signature offer, self-study courses, email marketing, social media, funnels, money mindset, soulful selling and everything in between. Video trainings, templates, journal prompts, modules and more. Nothing is off limits and my team and I are here to personally guide you in easily and powerfully using the tools that will now be at your fingertips.

You'll Receive Instant Access to EVERY Course + Program I've Created
So You Can Jump Right to the One You Need Most!

Not sure where to start? No problem!
You have direct access to your own TLF Coach to personally guide you to your goals!

 50+ hrs of Coaching Calls Recorded In the Last Year to Learn How I Powerfully Coach My Clients

Learn how I powerfully coach my clients in a unique way that allows me to quickly tune in on what’s actually coming up for my clients and go straight to the core without requiring long sessions or complicated cookie-cutter techniques.

My average private client session is just 20 minutes because of how I quickly and powerfully I guide my clients to realize for themselves what they actually desire, what’s blocking them and guide them to shift within minutes on our calls.

And you'll have instant access to 50+ hours of my highest level group coaching calls to learn exactly how I powerfully coach my clients to breakthroughs and results. Plus access to ask my anything on working with your own clients. And these skills are highly valuable no matter what kind of business or industry you're in!

Plus replays of every Inner Circle coaching call,
so even if you can't join live you'll never miss a breakthrough!

 NEW! Exclusive Access to In Person 'To Living Free Inner Circle' Retreat Days in Expansive Locations Around the World!

I love, love, LOVE in person retreat days with my incredible clients and they're the fastest way I know to up level now! 

Join me around the world for powerful coaching, breakthroughs, connection and so much fun! It's been a year since I hosted my last in person retreat and I'm officially kicking them off again just for my To Living Free Inner Circle Clients and you're invited!

Up to monthly I'll be hosting intimate destination retreats in gorgeous destinations including the U.S., Mexico and Europe in beautiful villas and hotel suites for deep dive coaching and real connection with your global sisterhood who will soon become lifetime friends.

Can’t join live? Not a problem!
All these days are recorded so you can virtually attend from anywhere in the world!

These days are only open to my To Living Free Inner Circle clients and require a super low booking fee to secure your spot since spaces are limited at each of these intimate destination experiences. 

 NEW! Exclusive Invite to the Inner Circle Voxer Group for Unlimited Voice + Text Messaging Access

Have access to me and your high-vibe sisterhood on speed dial for continual alignment, up levels and celebrations! The journey to creating the life and business beyond your dreams can feel lonely and like no one understands you, which is why I find it's so vital to have a community space with like minded ladies who fully support and celebrate you every step of the way and our exclusive Voxer group gives you a space to connect and share as often as you desire.

I love swinging by this group regularly, sharing voice messages, the most powerful tools and practices I'm loving at the moment, personally connecting and holding the space of transformation for all of my Inner Circle clients. You're going to LOVE this space!

 Upcoming Inner Circle Retreats Will Be Announced Soon and Founding Clients Receive First Access to Book Their Desired Destinations!

Here's just a glimpse of the destinations and properties already being considered for our upcoming retreats and I'd love for you to join me!

I've teamed up with one of the top luxury travel companies in the world and have already been scouting out some of the most gorgeous properties for my new To Living Free Inner Circle retreats! Spaces are limited at these intimate retreats so the sooner you join the To Living Free Inner Circle, the sooner you can reserve your spot at your favorite destination.

And remember, even if you can't join live there will be recordings from all the retreats so you can virtually attend from anywhere in the world!

 NEW! Private Direct Access to Your Own To Living Free Coach for the Entire 6 Months of Mentorship

For the first time EVER I'm adding in direct access + coaching with your own To Living Free Coach! This means anytime you have a question, need additional support or accountability, get stuck on some tech, feel like your mindset needs a reset or would just love some guidance on which To Living Free course or training to begin with you'll never be alone! Which means no more getting stuck ever! 

Just reach out to your To Living Free Coach and they'll personally guide you whenever you need it most!

AND I'm so excited to announce that the founding members of the To Living Free Inner Circle will have direct access to my incredible husband, the COO of To Living Free and transformational coach, Luke Lindholm, as their TLF Coach!

 NEW! Monthly Office Hours Call with the To Living Free Team for Behind the Scenes Support to Launch + Scale Your Empire.

Personalized support and real connection have always been a key part of To Living Free and as my business has grown the hands on support has actually EXPANDED to give my clients more high level support and guidance than ever.

Introducing the Monthly Office Hours Calls with the To Living Free Team to dive into specific topics around growing your business, leveraging social media, creating powerful content, giving you a behind the scenes look at exactly how the TLF brand is ran + personally supporting you where you need it most. You're going to love this!

 Exclusive Facebook Group for My Highest Level Clients with 24/7 Support and Connection!

Exclusive FB Group Community with like minded rockstars from around the world to connect, mastermind with and even meet up with in person (you never know who lives in your town!).
I regularly drop bonus content, journal prompts and resources in this space AND you'll have access to my rockstar team, social media manager, biz manager and FB ads expert are all in this powerful space to help answer questions as well.

Don't you just LOVE a high vibe community where you can get guidance, support and celebration anytime, any day?!

 NEW! 30 Day Results Now Intensive to Start Strong + Lifetime Access to Your Membership Site and ALL Courses

Get Instant Access to the 30 Day Results Now Intensive as soon as you sign up with step-by-step guidance and multiple touch points a week with clear action steps, activation audios and exclusive video trainings to guide you in the exact steps to take to, you guessed it, get results NOW! AND you'll receive lifetime access to ALL of it -- your membership site with your 30 day kickoff intensive, all your courses and programs and more just waiting for you right now.

 NEW! ALL The Things VIP Access! Complimentary Access to ANY Course or Program I Create for the Next 6 Months for FREE!

Yes, you read that correctly! Can I get a Woohoo AND an Amen?! Complimentary access to every course or program I release for the next 6 months automatically added to your membership site so you never need to purchase another course and have total VIP access as part of the To Living Free Inner Circle!

Here's how I see it, when you choose to join the To Living Free Inner Circle you're telling me you're ready to go all in and get the results. And as your coach I am committed to meeting you there with everything I've got. 

VIP Status is officially yours and it's time to put that crown on your head ;)

Not including free access to private coaching mentorships or private intensives if offered, but Inner Circle members will have first access to these.

I’ve combined my years of experience with automation and funnels with my deep love for doing life changing soul work with clients into something new I’m so excited to share with you that’s now included in my Inner Freedom Sales System!
This system is a way to take your brilliance, your gifts and turn them into a signature offer that you and your soulmate clients will LOVE and that the sales of can be as automated as you desire.

This is going to give you a clear system to set up in your business to create an ever growing warm audience of prospective clients and the steps to bring them through your own aligned funnel to clearly show why you and your offer are for them, ending with an incredible invitation to personally work with and invest in your offer.

A simple, leverageable system that supports YOU in doing your soul work AND living your life so you can go off the grid, spend a week backpacking in the mountains, volunteering, on safari or at the spa and your business doesn't stop just because you're not working. 

Can I get an Amen?! That’s why I’ve developed the Freedom Sales System and I'm so excited to share it exclusively with my Inner Circle clients!

Right about now is often when the following question pops into our minds "but will it work for me?" And the answer is a resounding YES.

The To Living Free Inner Circle is a revolutionary way to create what you really desire most, the freedom filled, soul led business that is a highly profitable, fierce force of love in the world.

After personally doing this work for almost a decade, having worked with thousands of clients from around the world and having personally coached clients from stuck and broke to 6 and even 7-figure success I know the exact pieces that work every single time in creating real results from alignment and flow and I've included ALL of them in this unparalleled 6-month mentorship including:

>> Personalized Support and Guidance (no one-size-fits all formulas!)

>> Instant Access to Every Training + Resource so you can create momentum FAST

>> Community is VITAL! I've seen it over and over again, private coaching will NEVER get you as far on its own as private support AND real connected community

>> Private Coaching Access for Times When You're Going Through BIG Up Levels or need some additional guidance

>> In Person Experiences Where the Energy and Results are Amplified and You Step Into Your Next Level In A Single Day

>> Absolutely Nothing Off Limits. Every tool, strategy and trick of the trade my team and I know is yours as well.

>> A 6-Month Container That's Big Enough to hold real growth, expansion and lock in long term results

>> VIP Status and Investment. Let's be real, when you're treated like a Queen, you feel like a Queen. But you're never going to get to the VIP level for pauper prices. If you're ready to live like a Queen then it's time to invest in your #1 resource that will always give you the biggest return on your investment...YOU!

Over and over again these are what I've seen make the biggest difference between those who hop in and out of courses and freebies but years down the road are at the exactly same place and those who make a decision to go all in and live the life of their dreams now.

And I'm living proof of this because this is the exact path I chose for myself when I was just starting my own business going from scratch to 6-figures in just 6 months so I stand by it one million percent.

Enrollment Options

The To Living Free Inner Circle

The 6 Month Mastermind for Soul Led Entrepreneurs on the RISE

Be personally mentored by Jessica Caver Lindholm in one of the most comprehensive, all inclusive business, lifestyle and spirituality mentorships that exists and personally guided in discovering + turning your soul work into a highly profitable, freedom filled business that pays you for being YOU! My clients are the happiest, most easily abundant versions of themselves and now it's your turn!

Included With Your Mentorship:

 3x Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls with Jess to get all your questions answered and personalized support for your goals now

 NEW! Private Direct Access with your own To Living Free Coach for the entire time

 NEW! Exclusive Access to In Person 'To Living Free Inner Circle' Retreats in Expansive Locations Around the World

 Instant Access to 20+ ENTIRE Courses and Programs Covering Every Area of Business, Mindset and More

 50+ hrs of Coaching Calls Recorded In the Last Year to Learn How I Powerfully Coach My Clients

 NEW! Monthly Office Hours Call with the To Living Free Team for Behind the Scenes Support to Launch + Scale Your Empire.

 Exclusive Facebook Group for My Highest Level Clients with 24/7 Support and Connection!

 NEW! 30 Day Results Now Intensive to Start Strong + Lifetime Access to Your Membership Site and ALL Courses

 NEW! ALL The Things VIP Access! Complimentary Access to ANY Course or Program I Create for the Next 6 Months for FREE!

The Investment

The Inner Circle is regularly $15,000 BUT...

Receive access to my highest level mastermind, ALL my courses and programs, anything new I create, in person retreats, private coaching and EVERYTHING I've shared above for

Thousands less with a special pay plan option.

Increasing to $10,000 soon!

Pay In Full


Increasing to 6 x $2,000 soon!

Plan Option

6 monthly x $997

Connection is one of my greatest values that has inspired my business from day one and I'm personally available to connect with you so that you feel totally confident in making the best decision for you and joining this powerful space that I know will change your life!

You haven't created consistent income with your business yet and you feel overwhelmed with so much conflicting information and just want to discover YOUR unique soul aligned blueprint for success.


You have a business that's earning consistently BUT you've created a hamster wheel for yourself where your business works when you work and you have to keep selling to earn. When you stop, the money stops.

Either way you want:
>> More Freedom
>> More Money
>> And a Soul Led Business That Works FOR You!

More than anything you're ready to...

- Feel like ALL of who you really are.
- Live FREE!
- Travel the world with a sisterhood who become lifelong friends.
- Start living like a Queen and fully embody your most turned on, rich and free version of you.
- Be done with the second guessing, the playing small and the constriction and to EXPAND into the global leader and influencer who's life is better than it even looks on Instagram
- Do Your SOUL Work and know you're having a positive impact on the world that you see daily
- Not choose time or money or relationships or body but ALL of it and with ease and flow, thank you very much
- Create a Highly Profitable Soul Led Business that PAYS You for Being YOU!
- Wake up every day and feel ALIVE and Free!

Sound like you??
Then love, I designed the To Living Free Inner Circle exactly for you and it's your time to RISE!

"I am here to serve you as a Gatekeeper.
I have been waiting for you and I am so blessed by your presence.
I am here to hold the doorway to this temple.
I am here in service to the divine feminine as she lives in every one of us.  
I am here to love you unconditionally.
I am here to nourish, nurture and hold you in the greatest possibility of who you actually are.  
The truth is you were born for such a time as remember.
Will you remember with me?"

The Sacred Call of the Ancient Priestess

YOU are the secret to all of this. YOU ARE the MAGIC that makes miracles!

Now is the time. Now is the day. Now is the moment for you to claim what is rightfully yours. 

To choose that you will now sit on the throne of your own life. You will share the message of your soul that can only be spoken through you. 

You will stand up, say YES to your destiny, draw the line in the sand and mark today as THE day that the entire Universe conspires in your favor forevermore.

Because there has never been a time like this when you can feel the energy of the entire planet cheering you on and saying yes, yes, yes to every moment that has been leading up to this.

Today is your day. Now is your time.
And you know the answer is Yes.

Feel so strongly about this but have a question, need a little guidance or would love to connect before you sign up??

I know you day dream about walking away from the draining job and just hopping in your car and heading out on an adventure -- because I used to feel the same way!

You’re an adventurer at heart. A freedom lover.

And somewhere along the way the dreamer in you got caught up in the mundane. Being normal. Being responsible. Being what everyone else wants you to be.

But you know it’s not who you are.
The online world is changing fast.

There's new 'experts' joining the industry every day trying to sell you the hottest new strategy. And if you listen you'll end up spending thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and wind up being broke and exhausted.
But, if you try to do this on your own, you'll probably fail.
I'm not being harsh, the numbers don't lie. Most people who start their own business don't make it. 

But, the majority of my clients do.

Because I'm not filling you full of fluff and content. I won't just keep you busy so you feel like you got your "money's worth" from a program.
I ONLY teach proven strategies that I know work.
And unlike a lot of coaches and 'biz experts' online, I have the years of experience and testimonials to prove it:
What Makes This Different:
On Going LIVE Coaching!
Your Road Map to Success
The key mile markers that guarantee success.
You don't need theory. 

You need specific action steps -- in a specific order.

For instance, creating the perfect website means NOTHING if you don't have a clear, magnetic message.
And mastering sales calls means NOTHING if you don't know how to attract clients.
That's why I designed the Road Map to Success
Giving you specific, step-by-step guidance to build a strong business from the ground up.

Move through the road map at your own speed, spending time where you need the most guidance and cruising through any areas you already have set up.
Your Destination?
 Consistent clients, cash and impact
About the Creator:
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long is this program?
How long it lasts depends on you! Join for 1 month, 4 months, a year or longer depending on your goals. However, I'll warn you now that you're going to LOVE the community, personalized support, consistent LIVE coaching calls every month AND the results, of course! The majority of my clients find so much value and results from our work that they never want to leave. You've been warned :)
Will I get to ask you questions on the training calls? 
The two monthly live training calls last approximately 1 hour each and I answer as many questions as possible and typically get through all of them. However, it is unlikely I'll be able to answer all questions on every call, every time which is why you'll also be able to ask questions in our members only FB group as well. You have tons of support between the calls, private community, trainings, your supportive Society Sisters and more.
How does the 'no long term commitment' work? 
I'm committed to you finding the space online that feels like home and making the best investments possible for yourself and your biz. So, if for some reason the LiveFree Society isn't a good fit for you (which is pretty unlikely, btw) you can cancel your membership at anytime with a 7 day notice before your next billing.
The biggest question to ask yourself is Do You Feel Called to Join Us?
Do You Feel Called to Work Together?
Are You Craving Support, Community and Ease?
You know in your heart and soul if you're ready for this. TRUST YOUR SOUL.
Ready to join the rebels and visionaries who are setting all the rules on fire and smashing through their goals with freedom and ease?
Sign up now:
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